Man Clinging to Branch for 2 Hours Rescued from Niagara River Just 75 Yards from Falls

New York State Park Police responded to a report of a man in the river hanging on to a branch around 11:45 a.m., Capt. Chris Rola tells PEOPLE. Eventually, State Park Police Maj. Clyde Doty suggested that he and Rola should arrange to have rescuers downstream, so that if the man was pushed that way, he could be intercepted, Rola said. The pair quickly grabbed ice water suits and headed down between Goat Island and Prospect Point, where Rola tossed a rope to Doty, who managed to grab the man as he floated by. RELATED VIDEO: Boat is Dislodged by Severe Storm After Being Trapped on Niagara Falls Rocks for 101 Years Doty later explained that he had one foot in a crevice and the other on a rock, and that he was squatted down in the water with the man on his legs, with one arm holding his head up. RELATED: Man Survives with Non-Life Threatening Injuries After Being Swept Over Niagara Falls The ground crew eventually pulled them to shore, and the man was taken by ambulance to Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center, Rola says.

Source: People

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Photo: fauxels Pexels