Andreessen Horowitz hires Julie Yoo as general partner

Yoo joins Vijay Pande and Jorge Conde on a16z’s biotech investment team. a16z’s newest general partner, Julie Yoo “As we’ve focused on these three areas we’ve realized it’s a pretty broad opportunity,” Conde tells TechCrunch. In her first role as a venture capitalist, Yoo says she will identify investments in companies transforming access to our healthcare system. Among a16z’s health and bio investments is Devoted Health, which helps Medicare beneficiaries access care through its network of physicians and tech-enabled healthcare platform. Other investments in the space include Freenome, a liquid biopsy diagnostics platform; Apeel, which makes a kind of plant food-based barrier for fruit that aims to replace wax coatings; a care coordination network called PatientPing; and BioAge Labs, a company that’s trying to find drugs that extend humans’ health span through machine learning and biomarkers that speed up the discovery process.

Source: TechCrunch

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Photo: mentatdgt Pexels