The Bachelor’s Liz Sandoz Reveals She’s Expecting First Child After Suffering Chemical Pregnancy

andldquo;Iandrsquo;m halfway through my pregnancy, 20 weeks, and Iandrsquo;m super excited,andrdquo; said Sandoz Presta, 32, revealing in an exclusive photo with PEOPLE that the baby is due between late August and early September. andldquo;I think just because of the chemical pregnancy that we had, obviously we were so excited that we got pregnant,andrdquo; she recalled. A post shared by Elizabeth Presta (@esandoz) on Jan 1, 2020 at 3:05pm PST // RELATED: The Bachelorandlsquo;s Liz Sandoz Reveals She Suffered a Miscarriage: andldquo;Miserableandrdquo; Experience andldquo;With this one, we decided to wait and we didnandrsquo;t even tell our families until after we went to the doctor, after everything was confirmed,andrdquo; she shared. But after learning she was pregnant, she admitted that she andldquo;didnandrsquo;t really feel excitedandrdquo; and andldquo;felt scared,andrdquo; to which her husband agreed. andldquo;As the weeks went on and Iandrsquo;m still pregnant but Iandrsquo;m still scared, I felt guilty that I wasnandrsquo;t enjoying it.

Source: People

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Photo: Pixabay Pexels