Extinct or Alive Adventurer Forrest Galante Hasn’t ‘Given Up Hope’ Tasmanian Tiger Is Alive

Galante’s opinion is one to be trusted, he and the Extinct or Alive crew have already uncovered species that the world literally left for dead, including the rediscovery of the Fernandina Giant Tortoise. RELATED: Recently Released Sightings Have Some Wondering if Extinct Tasmanian Tiger Is Still Alive “We find one of these animals and it’s earth-shattering. It rewrites natural history,” Galante says adding that he sees each of Extinct or Alive‘s rediscoveries as an “accomplishment for the world of conservation.” The show follows Galante through wild and remote locations in search of animals that are thought to be extinct. Viewers can also enjoy missing out on the unique pains Galante and his team endure while out in the field searching for extinct animals.

Source: People

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Photo: Adil Gökkaya Pexels