Put down your phone if you want to innovate

That last interstitial era, an era during which computers got smaller, weirder, thinner, and more powerful, ushered us, after a long period of boredom, into the mobile era in which we now exist. If you want to help innovate in the next decade, it’s time to admit that phones, like desktop PCs before them, are a dead end. But what can the Pixel do that the original iPhone or Android phones can’t? While I won’t posit on the future of mobile tech I will note that until we put our phones away and look at the world anew we will do nothing of note. It is safe and comfortable to remain in the screen-hand-eye nexus, creating VR devices that are essentially phones slapped to our faces and big computers that now masquerade as TVs.

Source: TechCrunch

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Put down your phone if you want to innovate Photo: rawpixel.com Pexels