PagerDuty just filed its S-1

PagerDuty, an 8.5-year-old startup that sends a wide range of companies information about their technology, just filed its S-1, a public disclosure about its IPOs plans. Andreessen Horowitz Fund owns the biggest stake in the company with 18.4 percent of its shares, sailing into the IPO. We profiled the company’s CEO, Jennifer Tejada, last fall. Meanwhile, PagerDuty cofounders Andrew Miklas and Baskar Puvanathasan, both of whom have since left the company, each own a 7.1 percent stake. What it discovered, unsurprisingly, that home prices within 10 miles of the company’s headquarters rose on average one percent after the filing date and another .8 percent after the company went public.

Source: TechCrunch

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PagerDuty just filed its S-1 Photo: Burst Pexels