Ashley Graham Shares Candid Photo of Her Breastfeeding Baby Son Isaac While Drinking Coffee

RELATED: Ashley Graham and Husband Justin Ervin Welcome a Son: andlsquo;Our Lives Changed for the Betterandrsquo; andldquo;After all these years in fashion, I never couldandrsquo;ve guessed that disposable underwear would be my favorite piece of clothing but here we are!andrdquo; Graham continued. Graham went on to explain that her reason for sharing the candid photo was to show new moms that andldquo;itandrsquo;s not all rainbows and butterflies!andrdquo; andldquo;No one talks about the recovery and healing (yes even the messy parts) new moms go through,andrdquo; Graham wrote. andldquo;Itandrsquo;s been tough.andrdquo; Grahamandrsquo;s raw post comes a few days after she revealed her sonandrsquo;s nameandnbsp;for the first time during an episode of herandnbsp;Pretty Big Dealandnbsp;podcast alongside her husband. The model said that she and her husband were inspired to choose Menelik andmdash; which means andldquo;son of the wiseandrdquo; andmdash; after taking aandnbsp;trip to Ethiopia last Christmasandnbsp;and learning that the countryandrsquo;s first emperor was named Menelik I. View this post on Instagram I remember holding Isaac for the first time and telling Justin, andldquo;Now weandrsquo;re family foreverandrdquo; I have so many reasons to be grateful; all of the love and support from this amazing community, an incredible husband, and a beautiful baby who has opened my eyes to just how amazing this world really is. @mrjustinervin and Isaac, thank you for being my favorite @prettybigdealpod guests so far A post shared by A S H L E Y G R A H A M (@ashleygraham) on Feb 4, 2020 at 1:15pm PST // andldquo;So everything in his name is pointing to legacy,andrdquo; Ervin added, citing Isaacandrsquo;s significance in the Bible.

Source: People

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Photo: Ena Marinkovic Pexels