Jessica Simpson Dons a Bikini to Show Off Her Baby Bump as Her Due Date Fast Approaches

RELATED: Jessica Simpson ‘Needed to Walk Out a Lot of Anxiety’ Amid Challenging Weeks of Pregnancy Sharing a photo of her swollen foot, Simpson wrote that she was experimenting with cupping therapy, an ancient Chinese massage therapy technique thought to increase blood circulation. RELATED: From Broken Toilets to Swollen Ankles: Jessica Simpson’s Pregnancy Woes The star also revealed that she has developed severe acid reflux as a result of her pregnancy. “Severe pregnancy acid reflux has led to the purchase of my very own sleep recliner ” she captioned the photo on Instagram, which featured Simpson — wearing sweatpants, slippers, and a sweater with a fur neck lining — laying in her new cozy chair with her thumb up. RELATED: Expectant Mom Jessica Simpson Breaks the Toilet Seat: ‘Don’t Lean Back When Pregnant According to Healthline, being pregnant can trigger the body to experience acid reflux. RELATED: Jessica Simpson Celebrates Daughter on the Way at Stunning ‘Birdie’s Nest’ Baby Shower Despite the past few challenging months, Simpson said she’s pushing through the pregnancy because of how much she’s looking forward to having another one of her “cuties.”

Source: People

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Photo: Pixabay Pexels