1 key moment in Childish Gambino’s new video drew very mixed reactions

In case you’ve been away from the internet for the past 24 hours, Childish Gambino’s latest music video has dropped. And just like “This is America”, there are a whole bunch of references to break down. SEE ALSO: Childish Gambino’s ‘Feels Like Summer’ video plays a game of ‘spot the reference’ One moment in particular, though, has generated a huge amount of interest. Kanye West Cries as Michelle Obama Hugs Him in Childish Gambino Music Video https://t.co/7uoZy0jMCo — TMZ (@TMZ) September 2, 2018 There are plenty of celebrity cameos in “Feels like Summer”, but the moment where Michelle Obama comforts a MAGA hat-wearing Kanye West seems to have received the most attention. Read more…More about Kanye West, Michelle Obama, Donald Glover, Childish Gambino, and Entertainment

Source: Mashable

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Photo: rawpixel.com Pexels