Bear the Detection Dog is Sniffing Out and Saving Koalas Injured in Australia’s Bushfires

Bear is a dog and his job is finding koalas. The border collie/koolie mix with striking blue eyes works with Detection Dogs for Conservation, and has been specially-trained to sniff out displaced, sick, orphaned and injured koalas in the wild, according to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), so he has been busy these past few days. Koala detection dogs need to be disinterested in people, hyper-focused and without a prey drive. But these qualities do make him a perfect candidate for a detection dog which is exactly why he was chosen,” IFAW , which funds Bear’s training and upkeep, shared in a statement obtained by PEOPLE. RELATED: Australian Koalas Considered ‘Functionally Extinct’ With Only an Estimated 80,000 Remaining Unlike many other koala detection dogs, which sniff of koala scat, Bear is trained to find live koalas, which makes him especially effective during natural disasters like fires, reports 9News.

Source: People

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Photo: Pixabay Pexels