Move over HODL, it’s time to BUIDL

If you have any interest in the cryptocurrency space that’s bubbled last year and deflated this year, you’ve probably heard of the term HODL. It’s a misspelling of the word “hold,” originating from a post on the Bitcoin Talk forum in 2013, that has since taken a very specific meaning: holding (not selling) cryptocurrency no matter what. And while crypto-enthusiasts have been encouraging each other to hodl their coins amidst the crypto-carnage of 2018, many are now focusing on a similarly misspelled word with a very different meaning: BUIDL. The Next Web reports the word has recently been trademarked by cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. Read more…More about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cryptocurrency, Hodl, and Buidl

Source: Mashable

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Move over HODL, it’s time to BUIDL Photo: Pexels