Taxi-sharing at CES was a huge disappointment

Fresh off my flight from San Francisco to Las Vegas for the annual CES tech conference, I opened my phone and tried to order a taxi. But this wasn’t just any old cab ride — I was trying to share a taxi with strangers going my way using an app called Bandwagon. My go-to ride-hailing apps are Lyft and Uber, but the top tech wranglers from CES — the massive tech trade show that brought me to Las Vegas — were pushing a taxi-share service, so I felt compelled to give it a try. On the CES website and official mobile app, the transportation options include Bandwagon in a prominent section. Read more…More about Ces, Taxi Apps, Ride Hailing Apps, Apps And Software, and Ces 2019

Source: Mashable

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Photo: Nout Gons Pexels